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Could Your Dental Office Be a Design Competition Winner?

If you're planning to build, expand or remodel your dental practice, think how great it would be...

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5 Principles for Designing Your Practice

Successfully building, upgrading or expanding your dental practice requires a good deal of advance planning...

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What You Can Learn From Design Competition Winners

The Dental Office Design Competition, sponsored by Wells Fargo Practice Finance, Dental Economics and the...

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Planning Your Way to a Successful Start-up or Expansion

To successfully plan and complete a practice start-up or expansion project...

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Office Design: Navigating Legal and Regulatory Issues

Construction and remodeling of dental buildings can require patience, planning commitment, investment and vision...

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80 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Green

Going green is more than a trend — it's a reality. Many businesses large and small are adopting green habits...

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